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Who are OTM?

OTM are commercial and industrial roofing and cladding specialists, covering all of the UK. We install a extensive range of industrial cladding solutions including over cladding, roof light replacements and asbestos removal. We hold appropriate certificates and insurances giving our clients the peace of mind that all our projects will be carried out to a high standard and all health and safety regulations will be adhered to as we have our own health safety consultant. Whether its a building refurbishment or new building we are trusted and reliable and have over 15 years experience. Call us today to see what we can do to improve your buildings and help your business. 


As roof cladding and refurbishments contractors we are skilled in the repair and refit of all roof and wall cladding, including the following:

  • Box profile cladding
  • Trims and flashings
  • Trisommet 333
  • Corrugated profile cladding
  • Metal Z section purlins
  • Kingspan Installations
  • Composite Panels
  • Over Cladding
  • Single Skin 
  • Double Skin

Installing roof lights into your commercial property provides natural light into buildings and can offer companies a number of benefits including reduced energy costs and improved employee performance. Damaged or discoloured roof lights can cause a number of problems, usually through leaking or not allowing enough light through due to them being discoloured. This can then increase your energy bills with lighting and costs due to leaking roof lights. Contact OTM today to let us help you replace your roof lights. 




Our gutter maintenance service covers all areas of gutter cleaning and repair work.  We specialise in installing HD Sharman gutter lining systems which provide a long term watertight solution for your gutters, reducing the risks of leaks, holes and broken gutters on your building. This helps:

  • Save you money on future repairs
  • Helps you plan long term
  • Reduce the risk of water damage inside your business. 


Do you need a safe system of working on your roof OTM design, supply and install a wide range of fall protection services on new builds and well as fitting them to existing buildings. We can supply and fit:

  • Roof safety lines
  • Guard rail
  • Walkways
  • Fixed ladders
  • Fall arrest anchors.   

Bird Netting is the essential  when it comes to denying pest bird access to your building or premises. Birds like to nest in warehouse ceilings, roof tops, overhangs and building facades. Birds can cause damage to your roof from excessive bird waste corroding your roof and block gutters leading to overflow of gutters and therefore costs in replacement. Install bird netting to ensure your premises is safe from this hazard. Bird netting is commonly installed on:

  • Warehouses – new and old buildings 
  • Car parks
  • Roofs
  • New builds – start as you mean to go on..
  • Canopies and balconies
  • Stadiums

OTM are skilled and trained in the removal and over cladding of asbestos. Including removal of the Asbestos off site. We carefully and safely remove the asbestos or over clad it depending on your needs. Removing asbestos improves your onsite Health and Safety by stripping this harmful material and replacing it with a new roof.  We offer the following asbestos services:

  • licenced and non licensed removal
  • Containment and Encapsulation
  • Asbestos containing material Identification
  • Hazardous waste consignment notes for all arising waste 
  • Waste transport and disposal service
  • Decontamination unit facilities and instruction
  • Mutli Needle wet strip injection unit

Edge Protection

Edge Protection is designed to  prevent persons or anything else falling from height and from your commercial roof. We supply and install railings to your industrial roof either on a temporary or permanent basis using counterbalanced guardrail systems. They are quick and easy to install and provide a prevention method from anyone working at height. 

Safety Netting

Safety Netting provides a safe system of working for anyone working at height on your commercial property. They are essential pieces of equipment which prevent people from falling from height. We supply and install different size safety nets and debris overlay nets for a range of applications.  They quite often act in conjunction with Edge protection. 

Drone Surveys

OTM drone surveys are able to give you a overall picture of what your commercial roof and industrial building looks like and what areas need maintenance or work completing on them. It also allows the drone to establish the condition of the building and roof for safety before sending the team up to complete the work. You can also have images taken of a birds eye view of your site for promotional purposes.

Emergency 24 Hour Call Out

OTM offer a 24 hour 7 days a week emergency call out for any Commercial and Industrial  roofing emergency all across the UK. Call us on 07976186567 to help you with any emergency roofing  problems 



Are you looking to change the structure of your commercial building or roof? Our skilled  fabricators will provide the material allowing us to then install all the fabrications. Whether your looking for a new floor installing or extension to to your existing industrial building our team can complete the work for you. Its a very labour intensive job  due to level of detail, skill and precise measurements required to guarantee the fitting.

Flues and Louvers

Fleus and Louvers are commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings to control light entry, provide ventilation whilst maintaining rain defence, to prevent entry from birds, insects and wind blown debris and or a combination of all these. OTM can come and weather tight the penetrations form either a flue or Louver installations


Flat Commercial and Industrial roofs commonly create a water ingress problem which then can lead to leaks and repairs needed on your commercial roofing, due to water sitting on top of the roof and not running away. We offer a conversion service that can convert your flat commercial  roof to a pitched roof to prevent this deterioration of your premises. The conversion can also be done for cosmetic reasons to improve the look of your building and to bring it up to date.